Reasons you may need a pantry makeover

A visually pleasing pantry appeals to almost everyone, but there is also a very good
reason for keeping this high-traffic corner of your home in tip-top shape.

Increased functionality of your pantry is crucial to creating more time in a busy day: the less
time you spend looking for that particular item, that you know is in there, the

Here are some clues that your pantry may need some attention:

  • you suspect there is out of date food in there
  • you can’t remember how long your spices have been in there
  • there is increasingly limited space to put away the grocery shop 
  • you regularly dash to the shops for a missing ingredient, which you later
  • discover that you already had
  • some things seem sticky but you’re not sure where it’s coming from
  • your grocery budget is starting to get out of control
  • you discover 8 packets of dried spaghetti

Must have accessories for your new pantry:

  • see through labelled “stackable” storage containers
  • turntables/lazy susan
  • tiered shelves
  • tiered spice racks
  • containers for back stock/bulk purchases