Questions to ask before storing something

The less you have, the less you have to find a home for……..

But if you find it a challenge to part with anything, then asking yourself these questions may help:

  • Does this fall into the category of “something important to me”?
    It is not enough to assume that you “might need it someday”.  Keep only things that will move you closer to a goal.
  • Do I have the room to store this effectively?
    Physical limitations must be considered
  • If I wanted this later and didn’t have it, how disappointed would I be?
    If you think you could get over the feelings of regret quickly, it’s worth the risk of pitching it
  • If I had to replace this item later, how much would it cost?
    If the outlay is negligible, it might be better to donate it, enjoy the clear space and purchase another when and if necessary
  • Can I imagine a situation in which I would use this?
    If not, then you probably don’t need to keep it