Clothing – use it or lose it

Here’s a way to track, on an ongoing basis, which clothes you wear and whichclothes you tend to ignore. Turn the hangers backward over the rod for items you suspect are worninfrequently. If you pull a garment off and wear it, turn the hanger around properly. Soon it will be easy to spot clothes that… Read More »Clothing – use it or lose it

Questions to ask before storing something

The less you have, the less you have to find a home for……..But if you find it a challenge to part with anything, then asking yourself these questions may help: Does this fall into the category of “something important to me”?It is not enough to assume that you “might need it someday”.  Keep only things… Read More »Questions to ask before storing something

Reasons you may need a pantry makeover

A visually pleasing pantry appeals to almost everyone, but there is also a very goodreason for keeping this high-traffic corner of your home in tip-top shape. Increased functionality of your pantry is crucial to creating more time in a busy day: the lesstime you spend looking for that particular item, that you know is in… Read More »Reasons you may need a pantry makeover