declutter your home,

declutter your life

Today we are blessed with an abundance of things in our home. This can sometimes reach the point of overwhelm, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Our aim is to create a calm, aesthetically pleasing and functional space so you can focus more on the important things in life.

Clearing Space is a home organisation service based in Brisbane offering

decluttering of rooms and organising of spaces

key things to consider when decluttering.....

do you honestly need this item?

do you love it?

does it have some sort of significance in your life?

does it serve a purpose?

why declutter

the impacts of clutter....

negatively impacts mood and energy


increases stress


mentally exhausting


amplifies procrastination

causes a feeling of being stuck

makes cleaning more difficult

potential health and safety risk

are you....

super limited on time?

procrastinating - don't know where to start and it has been in the too hard basket for a while?

is your wardrobe packed with clothes yet you never have anything to wear?

maybe it starts with organising the pantry....inspiring you to cook?

decluttering brings a sense of control over and calmness to your space allowing you to live every day with less stress and more free time

we love to help those who are....

desiring a calmness in their space from a declutter

getting ready to sell their property - buyers like to see inviting, uncluttered rooms

moving into a new property - maximise space and get organised


downsizing - approached with empathy

empty nesters

blended families


relocating into aged care/retirement living

how we can help you....

complimentary phone consultation

onsite decluttering /


products for pre-order

take advantage of our complimentary 15 minute phone call to establish your needs